Press release, 10th January 2018

Bordier Group makes sustainable commitment to improving knowledge of subsea environments by teaming up with the Under The Pole expedition

Oceans are a pivotal natural resource as the main source of animal protein for approximately one billion people. Nonetheless, 90% of our oceans are still unexplored. By becoming an official sponsor of the Under The Pole III Twilight Zone expedition, Bordier is making a responsible and sustainable commitment to improving knowledge of the deep-sea environment and the challenges arising from climate change.

Launched in 2010, Under The Pole is a fully fledged business venture that has gathered more than 100 experts together into an interdisciplinary team: from divers, sailors and scientists to mechanics, engineers, photographers, cameramen and doctors. Over three years, they are in turns exploring the earth’s oceans, starting in the Arctic Ocean before transiting via the Pacific to the Antarctic and then finally to the Atlantic. Exploration is focusing on the so-called twilight zone – sea beds situated between 50 and 150 metres below the surface level – about which relatively little is known.

Grégoire Bordier, Bordier & Cie Partner, has expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership: “Exploring the oceans and understanding the changes that are under way is one way of helping improve knowledge of the world in which we live and evolve. The purpose of our commitment is to improve scientific knowledge and raise public awareness of the importance, beauty but also the vulnerability of our ecosystems, while ensuring that this knowledge is circulated. There is a definite overlap between our world and that of explorers, namely a focus on research and development, leading-edge technologies, high performance, risk management and innovation. Respect and protection are other values adhered to in both fields.”

Michel Juvet, Bordier & Cie Partner, added: “Under The Pole won us over from the outset, just as we were seeking to invest in sustainability. This latest commitment reflects the values of our Group: responsibility, commitment and transmission to current and future generations. This is our way of passing on knowledge essential for fostering a better understanding of the environment and the challenges it brings.”

Bordier Group is proud to support Under The Pole in this worldwide adventure.

About Under The

Under The Pole was founded in 2010 by two dedicated adventurers, who lead the venture: Ghislain Bardout – an energy systems engineer trained at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne who also specialises in deep-sea diving in polar waters and underwater camerawork – and his wife, Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, a skipper trained at the French national sailing academy and an expert in polar regions.

Under the Pole has been conducting a series of subsea expeditions to help illuminate the marine world and analyse the impact of global warming on the ocean environment. Over four years (2017-2020), Under The Pole III, Twilight Zone is travelling and exploring the world’s oceans and their ecosystems. The team will be sharing its discoveries to raise awareness about ecosystem vulnerability and the importance of protecting our oceans and, ultimately, our planet.

Previous Under The Pole expeditions
– Under the Pole I, Deep Sea Under The Pole, 2010
– Under the Pole II, Discovery Greenland, 2014-2015

For further information:

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Head of Communication
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