Press release, 30 June 2020

Bordier is transforming its structure to help foster its ongoing development and expansion

Bordier & Cie is to make a key change to its legal structure. It is being converted from a “partnership” (“société en commandite”) to a “partnership limited by shares” (“société en commandite par actions”) as from 30 June 2020.

The legal structure of a partnership limited by shares will make it feasible to drawn on the benefits of being Swiss private bankers, in the traditional meaning of the term, combined with the advantages of a public limited company (“société anonyme”).

This transformation is particularly innovative and wholly in keeping with our core philosophy: our clients, their interests and the standard of service remain uppermost and central to our concerns. The change will mean we retain our status as private bankers with the partners still having unlimited personal liability. This serves as guarantee that our respective interests are kept in line with each other.

From an accounting perspective, rules and regulations governing public limited companies will apply. This will enable us to enjoy a greater degree of flexibility in what is an increasingly fiercely competitive landscape. Lastly, Bordier Group’s governance will be strengthened by the setting-up of an independent Supervisory Board.

Grégoire Bordier, Partner: “While remaining the last Private Bankers in Geneva, this new structure will provide us with much more flexibility when it comes to managing our Group and will duly enhance prospects for our future growth”.

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Christophe Leu
Head of Communication
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Communications Officer
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At Bordier, we are private bankers in the most authentic sense of the term – the embodiment of long-term stability and financial strength. We prize our independence and the unique “Bordier experience” that this gives our clients, combining tailored service with sustainable performance.