You wish to have a team of experts on hand to help you monitor the markets while keeping an eye on the risks.

Our investment advisory mandate allows you to navigate the complex and fast-paced global markets with ease.

Advisory thoughts

Forming macro strategies based on views on the markets, economy and geopolitics


Investment ideas

Event Focused
Arbitrage opportunities
Market timing
Network intel-driven


Investment proposal

Discussions with client/RM with regards to asset allocation, horizon, risk profile, liquidity constraints


Portfolio review

Follow-up on all trades from clients
Regular review based on market trends

advisory mandate

You wish to manage your portfolio.

We offer you the benefit of our expertise and our advice. We advise, you decide.

Advisory mandate covering your entire portfolio

Our services
  • Personal, proactive advice
  • Monitoring and tracking of your personal risk profile
  • Unfettered access to our experts
  • Strategic and tactical impetus founded on the current market situation


  • Management, custody and brokerage fees or all-in pricing
advisory mandate

You would like to benefit from our advice.

On request, we can advise on specific investment products.

Advisory mandates for single transactions

Our services
  • High-performance custody platform
  • Capable service staff for your personal requests


  • Management, custody and brokerage fees or all-in pricing

Investment advice for not-for-profit organisations and foundations

Non-profit organisations are at the heart of our thinking.

Non-profit organisations act in the interests either of their members (self-help organisations) or of third parties (helping others). Their funding comes from paid services, donations and returns on assets: it is therefore vital that their wealth be managed sustainably and responsibly. Bordier & Cie has therefore opted to specialise in this area.

Our services are aimed at the following:

We offer the following solutions:

Financial analysis

Assessment of income, remuneration, financial contributions, donations and restricted reserves, preparation of budgets and project financing plans

Investment strategy review

Appraisal of the aggregate wealth of the foundation/non-profit, selection of a suitable investment strategy, review of investment regulations

Wealth management

Optimised asset allocation in accordance with the foundation’s needs and objectives

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