Our philosophy

A sole purpose: private banking

Since 1844, we have been managing and transmitting the wealth of our private clients. Bordier & Cie is an independent, international private bank with unlimited liability, owned and managed by the fifth generation of its founders. Welcome to a group that has retained its human dimension.

A sole purpose: private banking

Dedicated to relationships

We are in the business of relationship banking, not transaction banking. A transparent partnership together, trust, and a bespoke service are the foundation for our long-term relationship. From our asset managers to our specialists in other fields, we all strive to offer you a range of personalised, high-quality services.

Dedicated to relationships

Strong convictions

We are committed to managing clients’ assets in a simple, independent and transparent manner. We can offer you diversified portfolios (managed with direct investments or via open architecture) with the goal of achieving sustainable long term performance. Our financial analysts’ (even contrarian) strong convictions add genuine value to our service to clients.

Strong convictions

As we have grown our family’s assets for over five generations, it is our pledge to do the same for yours.

Discover Bordier Switzerland

Every client’s situation is unique, so are our bespoke and personalised solutions.

Our offices in Switzerland


Rue de Hollande 16
CH-1204 Genève
Case postale 5515
CH-1211 Genève 11
T + 41 58 258 00 00
F + 41 58 258 00 40


Spitalgasse 40
P.O. Box
CH-3001 Bern
T + 41 58 258 07 00
F + 41 58 258 07 10


Rue de la Porcelaine 13
CH-1260 Nyon
Case postale 1045
CH-1260 Nyon 1
T + 41 58 258 07 50
F + 41 58 258 07 70


Talstrasse 83
CH-8001 Zürich
T + 41 58 258 05 00
F + 41 58 258 05 50