Philosophy and investment process

We believe that long-term performance is first of all based on capitalising the money that we have avoided losing.

Strong convictions

Our investment decisions, supported by a robust analysis procedure, are made entirely independently and rely only on strong convictions: our clients’ interests are aligned with ours.

Strong convictions

Preservation and development of capital

Our convictions give our management a true personality which generates value and makes all the difference over time: the preservation and the development of capital is constructed over time.

Preservation and development of capital

The long-term performance

Contrary to accepted ideas, we believe that seeking to preserve the capital is not contrary to performance. Even better, it favours performance over time.

The long-term performance

Performance and risk management

Therefore, we fully accept that at times we will not be aligned with the consensus: performance and risk management are part of our DNA.

Performance and risk management

A simple and transparent policy

Our investment policy is simple and transparent: our investment committee determines the major tendencies and the allocation of assets according to risk profile. It elaborates placement matrices concerning which it regularly communicates.

A simple and transparent policy

Direct investments

In constructing our portfolios, we favour direct investments in securities, shares or bonds when we have the skills and we delegate the management of assets not covered by Bordier Research to selected partners (open architecture).

Direct investments


A full range of investment vehicles.

In connection with the general philosophy of the bank and our approach for selecting direct investments, our internal funds are managed independently and the construction of portfolios remains a reflection of our strong convictions of the moment. While the majority of our peers attempt to maximise on market rises, we believe that the focus should be more specifically on dealing with falls in the markets. This is a position that at times creates opposition (particularly because the basic premise is counter intuitive) but which however has the benefit of reducing rumours and other erratic behaviour. We target an accumulation of capital over time. Moreover, the bank itself invests on its own behalf in all of these funds, which is proof of the alignment of our interests with those of our clients.

Our financial research team

Frédéric Potelle

Head of Research & co-CIO  Member of the Executive Board

Construction, Industry, Capital goods, Energy, Utilities

Gianluca Tarolli

Chief Economist & Strategist,  co-CIO

Loïc Bhend

Equity Analyst / Fund manager

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance

Agathe Bouché Berton

Equity Analyst

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Chemical, Metals, Commodities

Christophe Laborde

Equity Analyst

Automobiles, Pers. & Household goods, Retail, Travel & Leisure, Food and Beverages

Mendon Qestaj

Equity Analyst

Media, Technology, Telecommunication

Rafaël Anchisi

Head of Fund Research

Adrien Letellier

Fixed Income Analyst

Fixed Income

Commission fees received from third parties

The Bank may receive remunerations from third parties in the form, particularly, of commission fees, retrocessions or brokerage fees.

The Bank may, in particular, have to levy a fee when the client’s assets are invested in collective investment schemes (funds) or other financial or structured products.

In the case of funds, the fees correspond in general to a percentage of the management fee paid by a fund to its management company.

In the case of structured products, such commissions can, in particular, take the form of a rebate or reimbursement on the issue price or on the fees charged for structuring the product.

The main commission fees likely to be levied by third parties for placing or distributing funds are indicated in the table below for information purposes:

Product Type Retrocession received
Money-market funds 0.00 % – 0.30 %
Bond funds 0.00 % – 0.75 %
Asset-allocation funds 0.00 % – 0.75 %
Equity funds 0.00 % – 0.85 %
Alternative funds 0.00 % – 1.25 %

Financial publications

We closely monitor the financial markets and financial sectors:

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