Private Wealth Management

Private banking is our sole activity.

A highly personalised service

This tailor-made service stems from:

  • our raison d’être: wealth management is our sole vocation
  • our flexibility and responsiveness: we are a group that has retained its human dimension
  • our relationships, based on the long-term and trust
  • the integration of complex tax and inheritance considerations when managing your wealth
  • our independence

A highly personalised service

Efficient and diversified management

We can offer you portfolios:

  • where the selection of investments will be suited to your goals and based on a rigorous process of optimising the asset allocation
  • benefiting from active risk monitoring, courtesy of efficient diversification (spreads risks over several asset classes and/or management styles: cash, equities, bonds, alternative funds, commodities) whilst placing emphasis on transparency and liquidity
  • with a goal of generating long-term, well controlled performance

Efficient and diversified management

Financial services

You are unique. So are your needs.

Discretionary mandate

A privileged partnership

Our wealth managers prioritise a relationship based on:

  • the long term and stability
  • personalisation (of the service offered and your portfolio)
  • being readily available and attentive listeners 
  • responsiveness and accessibility
  • mutual trust

They work closely together with all our departments and specialists (analysts, tax experts, etc.) Their skills are being honed daily to keep abreast of the constant round of fiscal, regulatory, legal and economic changes and developments.

Customised portfolios

Like true artisans, we build unique portfolios that fulfil your needs and risk profiles, adhering to the following step-by-step process:

Advisory process

Tailor-made, systematic approach


We can also offer you the following types of management agreement:

Discretionary mandate

Advisory mandate

We advice, you decide

Should you wish to handle managing your portfolio, then we can offer you the benefit of our advice.

Advisory mandate

Custody mandate

We execute orders.

You manage your assets completely independently, but we take care of the transactions.

Custody mandate

Banking and tax service

Taxation has become a major factor of influence when it comes to constructing an investment portfolio.

Taxation and ever-changing legal and fiscal frameworks have become major factors of influence when it comes to constructing an investment portfolio.

On top of our top-flight services in administering all types of securities and investment funds, multi-currency money transfers, standing orders, payment cards and safety-deposit boxes, we also offer clients the following:

Tax reporting

Swiss clients

  • Compilation (at no extra fee) of a purpose-designed tax return commonly accepted by the various tax authorities in Switzerland

All clients

  • Compilation of a generic tax return to make it more straightforward for clients to fulfil tax obligations required of them depending on their residence status
  • Available to all is the service for Swiss withholding tax

Tax reporting

Portfolio analysis

  • Compilation of an overall statement showing returns that can be consolidated and/or personalised according to the client’s needs and management goals
  • Integration of fiscal considerations into our investment recommendations, with regard to recourse to certain products and investment profiles (with our research department) depending on our clients’ reference markets

Portfolio analysis

Our experts in Swiss and international taxation can be consulted at all times to provide more in-depth insights into a client’s particular circumstances or to assist in estate and succession planning.

Financial planning

Look into the future with serenity because your retirement is prepared.

Retirement is a change that leads to many questions. Financial planning for your retirement allows you to have a view, in advance, of your entire financial situation, with a logic of long-term financial optimisation.

Real estate, pension funds, investments, taxation and inheritance are interdependent issues that should be addressed globally and in detail.

Our financial planner examines for you

  • the current situation of your family pension scheme (invalidity, retirement, death) on the basis of the three pillars;
  • the structure of your estate. Is it adapted to your future requirements and objectives?
  • your tax situation and the manner of sustainably optimising your income and wealth taxes;
  • the consequences of a change in your personal or professional situation on your financial situation.

Our financial planner examines for you

Thus, you benefit from

  • a graphic, transparent and exhaustive financial overview in order to help you make important decisions;
  • projections of the development of your economic situation (income, wealth, taxation) over the next 20 to 30 years;
  • proposals adapted to your current situation and your wishes, with concrete decision-making bases in order to make your plans a reality;
  • sustainable savings in terms of taxation;
  • access to our network of experts.

Thus, you benefit from

Thanks to an overall financial advisor, you save time and money. With a consolidated vision of your assets and commitments, you look into the future with serenity because your retirement is prepared.

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Occupational pensions

Personalisation of occupational pensions : a bespoke management in the 2nd pillar scheme.

In collaboration with our partners Elite and PensExpert, we provide our clients with our know-how and expertise in asset management in the context of vested benefits and extra-mandatory occupational pension.

Bel-Etage is a flexible solution that consists in creating, for a specific part of the staff of the company, an occupational pension fund called “extramandatory”, which is supplementary to the main pension fund imposed by the LPP (Occupational Pensions Act), in order to enhance retirement, disability and survivors benefits of insured persons, while optimising their possibilities for tax savings through occupational pension (regular contributions + purchases of insurance contributions).

As a result, the self-employed, entrepreneurs and other senior executives have the opportunity to allocate funds – often significant – to substantially improve their pension benefits while at the same time benefiting from the full deduction of such amounts from their taxable income.

Far from being anonymously and collectively managed by an insurance company or a pension fund with the contributions of thousands of insured persons, the amounts invested in this supplementary pension are managed individually by Bordier & Cie according to a strategy defined by the insured person according to his/her own needs.


  • Improvement of retirement, disability and death benefits for policyholders
  • Complementarity with existing pension plans in the company. Different occupational pension plans set up with different service providers may coexist
  • Ease of implementation
  • Maximisation of tax optimisation opportunities for insured persons via purchases. The assets held in an occupational pension fund (or in a vested benefits foundation) are also free of income and wealth tax
  • Personalised management of pension assets by an experienced Bordier & Cie asset manager
  • A unique possibility of investment mortgages for policyholders
  • Loyalty of key employees of the company
  • Total transparency: the policyholder receives all the returns generated minus the clearly-identified management fees


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Family services

A broader vision of wealth management.

Bordier family services delivers, coordinates, directs

Bordier Family Servicesdelivers, coordinates and directs the whole array of professional services (outside investment management itself) required by high-net-worth families.

  • Optimisation of family assets
  • Asset administration
  • Inheritance planning
  • Miscellaneous related services (property, etc.)

Bordier family services delivers, coordinates, directs

Clients share and benefit from our own experience

The ongoing sustainability of wealth, just like that of a business, has to be safeguarded over the long term. As such families possess sizeable resources and means, regardless of whether they have been inherited or acquired more recently, they will be keen to do their utmost to build on their fortune so it can be passed on to future generations under the best possible conditions.

We can offer clients the opportunity to share and benefit from our very own experience (garnered over more than 170 years), but grafting onto this clients’ own personal values and visions.

Clients share and benefit from our own experience

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Bordier FinLab SA

Innovation in new investment solutions.

Bordier FinLab SA is an Ideas Lab with the aim of finding and providing innovative solutions via:

  • traditional & non-traditional investment funds
  • private equity
  • private debt
  • complex structured products

Based on different investment criteria, the managers of Bordier & Cie are able to invest in new seed funds, hence encouraging the emergence of new talent, while offering high value-added potential.

Bordier FinLab SA enables us to look beyond traditional approaches, with the aim of developing new, ground breaking solutions that meet the needs of today’s investors and those of tomorrow.

Bordier FinLab SA is an independent entity from the bank Bordier & Cie. Nevertheless, it fully benefits from the bank’s support and its network. Bordier FinLab works with a circle of established institutional partners, comprising a limited number of banks, family offices and independent asset managers.

Bordier FinLab SA also provides technology intelligence for developments affecting the banking industry (crowdfunding, fintech, etc.), and if applicable, it will be used as an incubator for the Bordier Group.

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Véronique Grossen

Bordier FinLab SA
Rue de la Rôtisserie 11
1204 Geneva
T: +41 58 258 02 71

Bertrand Clavien

Bordier FinLab SA
Rue de la Rôtisserie 11
1204 Geneva
T: +41 58 258 03 33

Investment advice for non-profit organisations and foundations

Non-profit organisations are at the heart of our thinking.

Non-profit organisations act in the interests either of their members (self-help organisations) or of third parties (helping others). Their funding comes from paid services, donations and returns on assets: it is therefore vital that their wealth be managed sustainably and responsibly. Bordier & Cie has therefore opted to specialise in this area.

Our services are aimed at the following:

  • standard foundations, grant-making foundations, public foundations, corporations
  • non-profit associations, umbrella associations/organisations

We offer the following solutions:

  • financial analysis: assessment of income, remuneration, financial contributions, donations and restricted reserves, preparation of budgets and project financing plans
  • investment strategy review: appraisal of the aggregate wealth of the foundation/non-profit, selection of a suitable investment strategy, review of investment regulations
  • wealth management: optimised asset allocation in accordance with the foundation’s needs and objectives

Our aim is to help secure the long-term future of each organisation. Non-profit organisations are at the heart of our thinking.

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Independent Wealth Managers

A dedicated team. Financial professionals can benefit from Bordier & Cie’s advice and services.

We can offer them:

  • A unique and dedicated department comprising a professional, multilingual team. with direct lines of contact with trading rooms
  • A group-wide approach (we have three banking centres, in Switzerland, Singapore and Turks & Caicos Islands), with access to the most capable fund managers round the globe
  • A department in a bank that has retained its human dimension, offering guarantees of flexibility, customised service and quick responsiveness
  • Direct relationships to the Bank’s Partners
  • Absolute independence underpinned by our genuine partnership with our clients
  • An open-architecture platform
  • A high-performing buy-side department of research and financial analysts
  • Investment advice
  • Direct access to information software
  • Legal and tax assistance to provide complex money solutions
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