For Business Partners

Your challenges and objectives are more easily understood by a Bank whose partners own and actively manage the company.

Our boutique approach provides high levels of adaptability for you and your clients’ needs.

Why work with us?


Dedicated solutions to adapt to special situations and markets (e.g. possibility to take advantage of the Indian Liberalized Remittance Scheme over a multiyear period by lowering the initial threshold to establish an account with us).

On-boarding of international clients

Very few market restrictions allowing you to consolidate with us clients with different nationalities and origins (e.g. US persons non resident in the USA; frontier markets).

Beyond wealth management

We partner with the right experts like you to help you with more than just financial advice allowing you to offer complex solutions to your clients (e.g. VCC structures, 13X &13R tax incentive schemes, insurance policies).

How can we collaborate?

Reach out to us for any queries you may have.

Contact us via email or WhatsApp today.


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A brief recap of the market’s past week, by Bordier Singapore