For clients who wish to delegate the management of your portfolio to us.

With access to a whole spectrum of investment styles, your portfolio is carefully built to enhance your wealth, with periodic updates on its performance from our team. 

Global with Geographic Tilt

Fully managed by our investment team, model strategies utilize balanced asset allocation while you set the preference for either Asia, Europe, United Kingdom or United States.


Tailored to your level of involvement,
a bespoke portfolio starts with a conversation between you and our dedicated team, to craft a strategy
that best suits your goals.


Privy to all investment and trade ideas, you have the freedom to veto transactions within a certain
timeframe as agreed upon with
your Relationship Manager.

Tailor-made systematic approach

Your manager

analyses your wealth position

Your manager and our expert

optimise tax, estate and pension planning

Investment Committee

- analyses the macroeconomic context
- develops an investment strategy
- draws up tactical grids: 4 currencies (CHF/EUR/GBP/USD), 4 risk profiles (income/defensive/balanced/growth)

Equity research analysts

recommend stocks to managers (list of recommended stocks and portfolio funds)

Your manager

implements the asset allocation and selects funds and securities (portfolio architecture)

Your manager, with the research department

manages the assets

Your manager and our banking department

provide reporting and auditing services

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